The Scourge of Greed

Of Sewage and Umberhulks

part 11

The party managed assist in any way they could with the elven city of Y’ester Orn splitting in half due to large and slowly growing in frequency quakes below ground. The party of Ayas, Sig and Stogie begin inquiring around town and with the council. Ayas came to find that the Druidic council is still to be fully assembled and Number 2 along with Number 7 and 5 have yet to show up to the council this morning. Number 3 grants permission to the party to investigate the origin of the seismic activities. A bit more advice is given to them as they are to seek their head archaeologist and excavation specialist who now owns a book store in town. With the “go ahead” from another council member, the party finds the bookshop owner and are able to gain resources in maps of the underground around the city. With that they find the nearest entrance which happens to be located in the counsel building’s basement. As the team spelunked through this foul entrance, after crashing through a false wall, they happened upon streams of sewage and oozes. Ayas with his vast knowledge identified the ooz to be “Black Pudding” and recommended staying away from the amorphous gelatin. The party ventured forth through the sewers feeling every quake as they went. Following the sewage led to a gaping whole in the ground which did not match the sewer line structure at all. Stogie created a dark bridge over the chasm but as he did a large buglike creature burst from 20 feet below from the opposite side of the chasm to their side and continued to burrow beneath them. Everyone prepared their weapons and began fighting an ancient Umber-hulk.
h5. After the battle and a short rest They followed this gaping pit until it elbowed and swiveled to an underground cavern. Down below spots of florescent blues, greens and reds glimmered down below. This was a piece of the under dark. The place began to quake some more and the party was able to identify where the commotion was coming from after exploring more and more of this place. Very coordinated purple worms are depleting huge segments of Earth from underneath the city. Our heroes head back up from the sewers to report their findings.



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