The Scourge of Greed

Summary to Date 10

Then and Now

Ayas was being summoned before the council. They had decided the first trial will be to investigate the missing persons, attacks and apprehend the thieves causing recent trouble within the city. If they didn’t come quietly, he was to bring back their left ear to prove they were handled. Xiamara spent her morning researching and helping an old elf reorganize his book shop. Stogie spent his morning having a morning ale and being a bar fly.
Xiamara and Ayas cross paths at the center of town where they decide to stock up on supplies. Upon leaving they cross paths with Stogie and witness a rabble of folk around the town center. Murmurs of public break ins and concerns for safety could be heard among the crowd. The party witnessed the public announcement addressing their concerns and also spied thieves in the midst pick pocketing the crowd. The party began to give chase with Nyx tracking their every step but lost them at a lake. At this point they decided to follow in the morning after resting. The next day Ayas decided to purchase barding for Nyx leaving him to get sized. They go and chase after the thieves by diving into the lake. They don’t find anything significant except a statue of a man pointing at a rock wall within the lake. They eventually find that the statue is a lever that opens a secret passage into the rock face. The path lead to a thieves hideout.
Meanwhile Sig Dawnblade escaped certain death with his unconscious sword master mentor, Johan Liechter, in on his back. Having taken the duty of freeing a local village of their random orc and goblin attacks, Sig, His master Johan and 2 other pupils assaulted the caverns but soon found the greenskins were reinforced with armor and mid-battle crossed paths with a group of barded purple worms. Sig and Johan nearly escaped having been separated from their comrads by a collapse in the tunnel. After making his way back to the village by an alternate path Sig had treated and bed rested his master. When Johan woke up He told Sig to seek the missing pupils. Sig went to the local pub to find reinforcements. There he found a Dwarf Cleric, an elven ranger and a goliath barbarian. Sig asked if they could help him find his comrades in the cave. Coincidentally he learned that they were also hired to clear out the caves and they allowed him to join their group on the condition that he would not receive any share of their reward. With that they set off fighting more plated orcs and goblins until they found where the collapse happened. They followed a trail of footprints that lead to a ladder. The ladder lead to a secret entrance in an armory which also led to Xiamara. After confirming that neither party was hostile they decided to join forces and take out the theives.
Since then Xiamara scouted ahead using her ability to shift into the ethereal plane. Upon returning for her scouting mission she could no longer find her companions. She ran into Sig’s party and they found Stogie with his throat slit and stuffed into a chest. The cleric began to cast a true resurrect spell but required time. The rest of the group went on to look for Ayas and loot for treasure. After a battle with several thieves later they came across a throne room, and a Victorian style sleeping chamber. After the battle the party returned to find Stogie was fully healed and resurrected. They made their way back to the bed chambers and found another chest with a gasping and bleeding Ayas with a cut across his neck similar to Stogie. Ayas was healed by the Cleric and they found the culprit had not left just yet. He sat there up in the dark corner of the room near the ceiling. The party shouted their warnings as he descended and disappeared before any conflict happened. The party was on edge and ever watchful for an invisible foe. They found in the pillow covers a small pouch and a black book that looked like a schedule planner.
The whole group left through the secret entrance Sig and friends came through. After resting a few steps away from the secret ladder entrance, the group made their way through a labyrinth of underground passages. Suddenly the earth began to shake. The tunnel began to skew and daylight could be seen as the path behind began to sink. The tunnel was tilting up and their only escape was to fly. Ayas wild shaped, Stogie cast his floating disk, and Xiamara enlarged herself and grabbed the dwarf and the elf as they were all trying to fly out before the earth around them dragged them down into the unknown. They flew dodging debris popping out in time to realize that the fault line of the cracked earth was indeed separating half of the elven city of Yeste’ Orn.



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