The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 3

Then and Now

When our adventurers finally settled down after seeing Xiamara’s long lost father they divulged to the party that they plan on moving the remaining citizens to the old ruins of Strongheim in order to seek refuge. Before they do that they needed to find enough supplies in order to feed a whole city for a few weeks. Killian and Kalista recalled that their Home Villages in the Fortaure Forest had an unending food source that helped rejuvenate their people of mind and body for the whole day with just one bite but how will they have the means to get these mythical fruits? Just then a waggon seemingly propelled by large cones gouting flames out the back rolled up in a cloud of smoke. The tarp shimmered red and the paint along the side board made it look like the wagon was on fire. “Welcome to Flim and Flames Magic Emporium!” a highpitched voice squealed as the canvas along the side rolled up and the side board opened as a gate and extended out to a stage. Two gnomes stand on the stage holding sparklers looking utterly ridiculous. They peddled their explosive magical wares and also sold two scrolls of greater teleport. Off the party went via magical teleportation. Just outside of the main tribal civilization of Paloro City, the party saw the mythical tree under watch. Killian for a split second prayed to Ehlonna for a way to bypass the village and grab the fruit safely. Just then a miracle occured and the whole village passed out. They nabbed the fruit and took care of unfinished business before teleporting out of the village and back to the caravan.
They began prepping the citizens for departure while they saw the royal fleet leave the Western Continent shores. The party has learned that the prince has fled to the Central Continent. Kilian, Kalista, Xiamara and Darien began their journey towards the east to find the secret entrance to the underground lost city of Old Strongheim. A few days later after some encounters with some drow thieves and a few body swapping demons they managed to set up camp and scout for the cave entrance. Xiamara stayed behind tending to the townsfolk while the party came across a cabin in the vicinity and broke in. A few moments later there came a half-orc with a sack over his shoulder. He dropped his sack and began swinging an overly large chain over his head. Killian, Kalista and Darien were caught off guard as this hulking orc began howling louder and louder outside the cabin. The rangers scrambled out and began trying to convince the half-orc not to take offense but to no avail. They were ordered to leave their bags at the door.
He began to step forward swinging his chain wildly until Darien shouted in contest to the Half-Orc, “Root!” To which the half-orc stopped swinging his chain and scoffed at him. “Root!” Darien demanded. The half-Orc then laughed and put his equipment down and stood in a strong stance with his arms crossed. Darian ran his shoulder directly into him head down with an almost perfect spear pushing him back 10 feet. The rest of the party watched in awe. After catching his breath Darien stood up in a sprawled stance as if expecting to catch something. The Half-Orc stepped back ten feet and ran at him full force so fast that he seemed to blur and stopped with fist held out sending Darian flying into the side of the cabin 40 feet from where he stood. The half-orc laughed and picked up his sack and chain as well as the parties bags before going into his cabin and locking the door. Darien laid there winded and unconscious with a huge fist sized dent in his chest.
Elsewhere a Gnome Sorcerer by the name of Stogie comes across a nearby village. He meets the locals and soon encounters a wagon of a strange shimmering metallic color. Two gnomes by the name Brick and Brack came tumbling forth peddling magical wares of a mechanical nature. Even their horses were mechanical. Stogie was wary of certain trinkets and only purchased a few things. A tall cloaked figure standing nearby was mesmerized by the mechanical horses. The figure saw the gnomes converse and sell their wares to another gnome. When their business was concluded the wagon rode off and the cloaked figure stood by and stared at Stogie. As Stogie began to wander off he was picked up and stuffed in a bag. When he came too again he was sore and in bed. A large lumbering half-orc stood there at the foot of the bed staring at him. As soon as stogie sat up out of bed he was immediately harassed by his captor. “YOU MAKE STEEL HORSEY FOR THRASH!” The half-orc yelled dumping an assortment of old metal armor pieces onto the floor. After a few hours of being browbeaten by Thrash and several failed attempts at explaining he is not an artificer, Stogie made a half decent attempt at stacking armor together to resemble a mechanical leg. It then fell apart and Stogie was severely beaten for not fulfilling Thrash’s request.
The next day Thrash, being more brawn then brain, threw him a vial of magical adhesive to help him build the horse. Instead Stogie broke the vial at Thrash’s feet and began pelting him with spell after spell until the Half-Orc died. Upon defeating his captor, Stogie then ran into Bahar Raj and the Rangers trying to reclaim their stolen goods. Stogie explained everything and decided to go along with the party since he had no specific place to go.



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