The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 4

Then and Now

Upon the defeat of Thrash, it has come to everyone’s knowledge that he was the informant or guide for the scouts when entering the cave to Old Strongheim, including how to find it. Draxion, The cleric, communed with the dead for Thrash to reveal to them the caves location and after they would let him rest. He did just that and was put to rest and given an honorable burial. The party then scouted down the long 4 day path back to the underground of Stongheim. Several underground encounters and a room full of living poisonous mushrooms later they made it to Old Stongheim where they saw it was since turned into a zombie necropolis. Evading the undead as best as they could, the party made it to the central tower, toppling and looting some dark cloaked beings along the way. Inside the tower with the help of some new found “invisibility to undead” potion they procured the party of Drax, Darien, Xiamara, Kilian and Kalista were able to bypass an ambush set up for them and make it to the final room of the necropolis tower where they were met with a giant gelatinous cube which they defeated promptly. Upon the Ooze’s defeat, there came a lone applause. There upon a throne appeared a devil clapping his hands in a patronizing fashion. He explained that the real necromancer had escaped when he heard there were adventurers approaching and if he had not shown cowardice then he would have easily slain you. The Devil smirked, “Too bad, I was looking for entertainment, but he’ll be found and punished for not facing you like he should have. Toodle-loo adventurers! Till next time.” and with that he disappeared in a gout of flame.
With the necromancy drawn out of the underground the heroes rest and return to the surface to escort the caravan of villagers down to resettle their lives in Old Strongheim.



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