The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 5

Then and Now

Our adventurers came up to the surface to retrieve the rest of the caravan. They are met with a troop of 4 warriors resembling the guards at Paloro City, the city they stole the everlasting fruit from. It seems that because of the recent death of Killians mother, the Cheiftess of Paloro, it is her duty to take up the throne in her stead. Killian and Kalista go calmly and return to their villiage. Immediately after they come to meet the rest of the caravan the red flaming wagon they seen before arrives again this time peddling more flammable wares. Bolo buys up their unfiltered alcohol and they strike a deal with Bahar Raj to begin selling them wares down below in the old kingdom. The gnomes also bring aboard a male elf Druid by the name of Ayas Ulle. Before embarking and guiding the villiage throught the underground another surprise drops by and stays. Jadyra Cathrix joins the group after a long flight from the central continent and tells all about her travels which holds the attention of new ally Ayas.
Upon cleaning up the ruins and rebuilding within a month there came time for the refugees to get assigned jobs and establish trade along with restocking supplies. With this in mind they take note of what the villagers need and take off to the dwarven kingdom once again to give them notice that the prince has fled and that the villagers are still in need. After a long and arduous way through the underground they end up in the dwarven rock quarry and in the dwarven kingdom. The party of Xiamara, Stogie, and Ayas continue to gather the supplies they requested as well as recruit new potential villiagers to help rebuild Strongheim. In his search for supplies Ayas befriends a large riding geko. They manage to find a group of retired military dwarfs that inhabit a bar every day that are unhappy with the way their government is enforcing things and want to leave. The Dwarven kingdom, since news of the green skin attacks, embargoed all trade with the outside but not of course before the kings guests arrived for his birthday. The party was extravagant but was perfect timing for some other adventurers to try to steal the kingdoms prized jewels. The king was warned of this by Xiamara and immediately set up security measures. The Dwarven King himself didn’t seem to care for the refugees of the human City. The King quickly dismissed Xiamara, but allowed her to take whoever and whatever supplies she needed for this one instance. She received a pardon and could walk freely in and out of the dwarven gates anytime. With one shopkeep , a Large riding Geko and several retired dwarves in tow the party made their way back to Old Strongheim.



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