The Scourge of Greed

Summary To date 6

Then and Now

Our adventurers make their way through a long arduous treck through the dwarven mountain tunnels. With the additon of several dwarfs specialising in different trades and a horse drawn merchant wagon steadily leaving Hammerlock behind a whole new adventure awaits. Unfortunate for the merchant he should have to leave his horses and wagon or rather what was left of it after a purple worm encounter. The party on foot rested at the front entrance of the dwarven mountain preparing to rest and see the outside world once again. Xiamara on watch first watch heard the sound of digging and picking coming from the sealed entry way. The language of Orc and goblin mumblings could be heard on further inspection. Having dealt with the intruders the best way she knew how, she returned to wake Ayas for second watch. On second watch while the rest slept Ayas steadily patroled the parimeter wondering where his Geko friend might have scurried off to. Upon the end of the watch they found two dwarves have gone missing. With the help of animal companion Nix and his tracking abilities they were able to find an alternate exit in the form of a crack in the wall that lead them to a shack outside. Xiamara and Ayas were fleet of foot to track these two that strayed from the path. Stogie stayed with the remaining dwarves. There they discovered a dwarf clinging for dear life and the tracks of their betrayer. Orcs began to sweep the area and were justly dealt with by Xiamara and Ayas’ magic. The two party members discovered an orc Encampment nearby not more than a few hundred meters of the mountain enterance getting ready in battle formation. They quickly made their way back to the party and allowed Ayas to cast Wind Walk and Find the Path in order to quickly take flight and zoom back to Old Strongheim.



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