The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 7

Then and now

When Ayas, Xiamara, Stogie and the dwarven party arrive at Old Strongheim. They are greeted by the hustle and bustle of citizens in an underground marketplace. The Dwarves were escorted to the central tower where Bahar Raj and friends reside. Unfortunately no one could find Bajar Raj and Bolo. Under guidance of Darien and Jadyra the Dwarves negotiate where they plan on residing in the city and what they will contribute to this slowly growing underground city.
Xiamara has a few interactions with Timmy and Travis, two brothers who grew up on the streets. They spelunk the nearby caves and hesitantly after being caught report of nuggets of gold just littering certain cave passages and also people going missing. Stogie went shopping for more resources from the local shop keeps including Flim and Flame’s wagon and a small girl selling unique artifacts from a makeshift kiosk. Ayas distributes what wares and supplies he promised to deliver and then goes to visit Jadyra to share with her seeds and other exotic plants found from their last visit to Hammerlock. Ayas also inquires about druid business and the central continent. More supplies and support for the thriving city are asked of the party to bring back from the central continent. Ayas is drawn to the central continent in order to discover more of his druid lineage.
Before teleporting to the central continent courtesy of Jadyra’s memory and a teleportation scroll sold to them from Flim and Flame the party scrys the whereabouts of Bahar Raj and Bolo. From the reflection of the waters they scryed into they saw what looked like Bolo put to a kneeling position at the mercy of four tentacle faced mindflayers as if presenting a prisoner to an official. When all seemed hopeless and Bahar Raj nowhere to be seen, one mindflayer directly behind the Goliath quickly shunts both arms into the back of the neck of each of the mindflayers on the left and right of him. Each of their eyes roll back and they fall limp. The visage of the squid faced killer begins to flicker as the familiar smirk of spreads pointed ear to pointed ear of Bahar Raj’s face and with another quick motion he slashes behind the goliath somersaulting into the shadow. Bolo then springs from his manacles and lunges his boulder sized fists at the mindflayer in front of him in a quick blur. More mindflayers begin to flank Bolo from behind wielding bidents. Before they could even strike Bahar Raj lands on top of them successfully stabbing one in the maw and driving another blade into another’s eye. With this, Jadyra dismisses the scry spell. Jadyra explained to the party that the two probably grew restless and went searching for the missing people. She reassured that the party need not mind them and should head out to the Central Continent to gather resources, establish trade and bring back more livestock and crops.
Bidding Old Strongheim adieu the party of Xiamara, Stogie, Ayas and his riding Geko, Nix teleported out.



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