The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 8

Then and Now

The party teleported in front of an Inn. They seem to be on a dirt road leading to a great tall treeline a few miles away. There was a smithy, what looked like an exotic bath house and several horse drawn wagons rolling by on this road. The party was supposed to head toward the City of Yeste’ Orn. They asked around about the surroundings at the in and stable. Turns out the smithy was a Gjinn and a Mr. Ming owns all the establishments out in this area.
The party makes their way toward the forest where it appears the trees almost form a thick wall of wood grown trunk to trunk that doesn’t thin or separate until 50 feet up. The road ends at a large tree trunk about 30 feet wide and seems to tower above all the other barricading trees. Two elves in matching armor seem to be standing guard while another two inspect and guide carts to park in front of the tree. As the party arrives they speak to one of the guards. Ayas introduces himself to the guards and begins informing them of his background and qualifications as a druid. As soon as he mentions the name of her druid teacher the guards seize up and immediately sound an alert. In less than a minute there were 20 guards surrounding the party with curved blades out and more than 50 elves among the tree branches with arrows drawn and pointed at them. After an awkward moment of an elf of high rank barking at the group orders to lay down weapons and for explanations, a runner elf came and whispered into his ear. The guards were then ordered to stand down and a sharp whistle cut through the air. The Large tree began to uproot itself and stand up, moving to the side slightly to get off the road. Behind the tree could be seen a cobble stone road leading to a civilization bustling with activity. The wagons were ordered through except the ones not inspected and some wagons began to roll out.
The party had their gear confiscated and they were escorted into the city by 6 larger elves in heavy armor. They reached the foot of a large tree, dwarfing the one at the front gate by double its width. Two guards broke off from the formation as a platform lowered from above. On that platform were two larger than normal elves on each side of the platform next to cranks and pulleys. The lift began to ascend with the party and their guards. They saw why these elves were larger than normal as they watched them pull and crank on their ropes and pulleys simultaneously and seamlessly. After a few minutes of awkward silence watching balconies sink as they rose, they reached the upper most canopy of the tree where they stepped onto the balcony and were herded into a room. The party was met with a group of dark green robed figures. “Welcome to the Druid Counsel, student of One.”



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