The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 9

Then and Now

Upon being held captive and ushered in front of the druid counsel the party learns that Ayas’ previous mentor was once the head of the druid counsel. He appaerently disappeared and was never heard from again until today. Since then the council has been left with 6 members presiding over all matters within nature and druid society and with an even number of opinions and votes many decisions were left unanswered. Because Ayas was the pupil it automatically made him heir to his position. Although some voices of the counsel disagree they cannot deny tradition. Ayas must now face trials to prove worthy of the position. As of now the trials have yet to be decided. The party was given priority accomodations and special guest privelage as they stay in the druid city. As night fell stogie heads to the bar for a night cap. Xiamara plans to rescue the Gjinn working as a smithy ouside the front gates from a life of servitude and Ayas spends time communing with his fellow elves and learning more about his family and mysterious past.
Xiamara manages to free the Gjinn by means of destroying his magical prison hes bound to. He is now a magical ally. Ayas discovers a mysterious mansion believing the Stormwinds are curator to historcal documents that might answer his questions on the shereabouts of his family. Sadly a lone guard tells him that the lady of the house has not been home yet and perhaps should come tomorrow. Something insideous within the manor gives Ayas chills as he’s ushered out the door. The night is long but everyone rests in their respective chambers for the night and are awoken by a summons to the counsel.



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