The Scourge of Greed

Summary to date 2
Then and Now
Upon many battles and follies along their travels the group has made it to Hammerlock. They seek conference with the King and are met with a cold reception. The king listens to their request but seems indifferent to the whole matter. He re-educates the party on Dwarven and Human Relations and how the Dwarves were given no compassion during the Greenskin war a hundred years before. With proper convincing the party implores the king into reconciling their differences and aiding in any way they can if, and only if, the current King of Strongheim apologizes in person on behalf of the humans. They were teleported to the seaside citadel of Strongheim and immediately discovered it was in ruins. Xiamara recalled to her companions on how grand this city once was. In order to discover what was going on the three companions made their way to the palace. Upon arriving at the gates they are greeted by Darian, an old companion of Xiamara’s. He is now captain of the guard and shared with them what had befallen the kingdom. The king had become Ill in his old age and his son refused to take up his responsibility as rightful heir. WIth no one to guide the kingdom, the city had slowly spiraled into discord and ruin. Xiamara’s father has gone missing from duty and was soon labeled a deserter and traitor to the crown.
Killian and Kalista encountered some folk still loitering the local bar, a large half naked goliath as the barkeep and an old run down guard looking fellow. These vagrants got word that they have been traveling with Xiamara and requested Killian and Kalista bring her by the bar. After Kilian and Kalista hesitantly agreed to bring her around.
Kilian and Kalista soon found and notified Xiamara who was reminiscing of the good old days while she waited in prison for the night for verbally accosting the prince while he grieved over his fathers death bed. The prince did not want to take the kings mantle and responsibilities and Xiamara expressed how selfish and spoiled of a child he was being. The party reconvened and regrouped at the old run down pub the next morning. Much to Xiamara’s surprise the old soldier and the goliath were her father’s old friends, Uncle Draxion Almerath and Uncle Bolo Barrelhauler Munaka. Many pleasantries where shed and soon after many questions were asked. They dodged most of the questions and implored them to sit and eat. As soon as they did another figure came from behind the bar and placed their meals in front of them. It was Xiamara’s Father, Bahar Raj Kathrix. “How’s it going kid?” he non-chalantly said as he served everyone a plate.
Summary to date
Then and Now
We begin in a desolate plains of Ashen Gulch, where two human female rangers are steadily marching along the dirt covered flats, Killian and Kalista. The sun hung high in the sky beating down on their already winded bodies. When out in the distance among the waves of heat they see silhouettes of tents at the horizon. In a relieving sigh and cheer they head towards the tents in hopes to barter for some water and rations. As they approached a wave of caution washed over them as they could see no presence of others at the campsite. They readied their weapons and cautiously approached the tent site. No less than 30 feet from the tents an earth shattering explosion erupts in the distance followed by a ground shaking quake.
Armored men begin pouring out of the tents and lining up in order. Killian and Kalista watch from afar seemingly unnoticed by the troops of soldiers. With some loud indiscernible bellows and commands the soldiers began to march off in the direction of the explosion.
As the soldiers march off a tent is swallowed whole by what looks to be a large purple worm. It descends just as rose engulfing another tent and crashing down into the dirt leaving an enormous cloud of dust in its wake. Killian an Kalista watch in horror soldeirs futily try to stab at the remainder of the tail slithering down into the dirt. One soldier turns and sees the gawking pair and begins yelling, “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO? WHERE IN THE HELL- GET OUT OF HERE! C’MON!” with that he gestured to follow him. Away from the battle zone the two retreat with the soldier 300 meters away to another campsite. There appear to be fortified barriers scorched and riddled with broken spears and arrows. With that they are met with another front of Orcs and goblins no more than 100 meters away charging directly at them. Killian and Killista begin picking off what they could with their arrows effectively holding back most of the brutes. Along side their arrows flew streaks of light every color you could imagine. Some of the soldiers behind the barriers wielded magic from wands and staves to directly casting from their swords and fingers. This was unlike any army Kilian and Kilista have seen before. After felling most the the orcs and goblins along with one worm they were escorted once more into a larger tent. This time by a particular armored Mage. Kilian and Kalista exchanged names with the assisting soldier. That is when they met Xiamara Kathrix.
All three were brought into a tent and were briefed by commanding officer Lieutenant Powers. He assessed Kilian and Kalista and heard they were just passing by. He then briefed Sergeant Kathrix on a mission of great importance. He told her she was to escort the wandering rangers and head east to the Dwarven City of Hammerlock to appeal before the King. She was to request reinforcements to hold back the horde of green skins and monsters emerging from the south. If she should be unable to return with reinforcements she would be dismissed from duty. She was told there should be message sent already to notify of her arrival.
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