The Scourge of Greed

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As I have stated in the group texting We will be taking a momentary break from “The Scourge of Greed” Campaign until life stops distracting me and reality decides to quit being so harsh. We will remain in contact and will contact all players when we can continue the Campaign. I feel bad for doing this to you guys and I hope you all can understand that the priorities in live are cruel mistress’ and must be tended to. Hope to post soon.

Of Sewage and Umberhulks
part 11
The party managed assist in any way they could with the elven city of Y’ester Orn splitting in half due to large and slowly growing in frequency quakes below ground. The party of Ayas, Sig and Stogie begin inquiring around town and with the council. Ayas came to find that the Druidic council is still to be fully assembled and Number 2 along with Number 7 and 5 have yet to show up to the council this morning. Number 3 grants permission to the party to investigate the origin of the seismic activities. A bit more advice is given to them as they are to seek their head archaeologist and excavation specialist who now owns a book store in town. With the “go ahead” from another council member, the party finds the bookshop owner and are able to gain resources in maps of the underground around the city. With that they find the nearest entrance which happens to be located in the counsel building’s basement. As the team spelunked through this foul entrance, after crashing through a false wall, they happened upon streams of sewage and oozes. Ayas with his vast knowledge identified the ooz to be “Black Pudding” and recommended staying away from the amorphous gelatin. The party ventured forth through the sewers feeling every quake as they went. Following the sewage led to a gaping whole in the ground which did not match the sewer line structure at all. Stogie created a dark bridge over the chasm but as he did a large buglike creature burst from 20 feet below from the opposite side of the chasm to their side and continued to burrow beneath them. Everyone prepared their weapons and began fighting an ancient Umber-hulk.
h5. After the battle and a short rest They followed this gaping pit until it elbowed and swiveled to an underground cavern. Down below spots of florescent blues, greens and reds glimmered down below. This was a piece of the under dark. The place began to quake some more and the party was able to identify where the commotion was coming from after exploring more and more of this place. Very coordinated purple worms are depleting huge segments of Earth from underneath the city. Our heroes head back up from the sewers to report their findings.
Summary to Date 10
Then and Now
Ayas was being summoned before the council. They had decided the first trial will be to investigate the missing persons, attacks and apprehend the thieves causing recent trouble within the city. If they didn’t come quietly, he was to bring back their left ear to prove they were handled. Xiamara spent her morning researching and helping an old elf reorganize his book shop. Stogie spent his morning having a morning ale and being a bar fly.
Xiamara and Ayas cross paths at the center of town where they decide to stock up on supplies. Upon leaving they cross paths with Stogie and witness a rabble of folk around the town center. Murmurs of public break ins and concerns for safety could be heard among the crowd. The party witnessed the public announcement addressing their concerns and also spied thieves in the midst pick pocketing the crowd. The party began to give chase with Nyx tracking their every step but lost them at a lake. At this point they decided to follow in the morning after resting. The next day Ayas decided to purchase barding for Nyx leaving him to get sized. They go and chase after the thieves by diving into the lake. They don’t find anything significant except a statue of a man pointing at a rock wall within the lake. They eventually find that the statue is a lever that opens a secret passage into the rock face. The path lead to a thieves hideout.
Meanwhile Sig Dawnblade escaped certain death with his unconscious sword master mentor, Johan Liechter, in on his back. Having taken the duty of freeing a local village of their random orc and goblin attacks, Sig, His master Johan and 2 other pupils assaulted the caverns but soon found the greenskins were reinforced with armor and mid-battle crossed paths with a group of barded purple worms. Sig and Johan nearly escaped having been separated from their comrads by a collapse in the tunnel. After making his way back to the village by an alternate path Sig had treated and bed rested his master. When Johan woke up He told Sig to seek the missing pupils. Sig went to the local pub to find reinforcements. There he found a Dwarf Cleric, an elven ranger and a goliath barbarian. Sig asked if they could help him find his comrades in the cave. Coincidentally he learned that they were also hired to clear out the caves and they allowed him to join their group on the condition that he would not receive any share of their reward. With that they set off fighting more plated orcs and goblins until they found where the collapse happened. They followed a trail of footprints that lead to a ladder. The ladder lead to a secret entrance in an armory which also led to Xiamara. After confirming that neither party was hostile they decided to join forces and take out the theives.
Since then Xiamara scouted ahead using her ability to shift into the ethereal plane. Upon returning for her scouting mission she could no longer find her companions. She ran into Sig’s party and they found Stogie with his throat slit and stuffed into a chest. The cleric began to cast a true resurrect spell but required time. The rest of the group went on to look for Ayas and loot for treasure. After a battle with several thieves later they came across a throne room, and a Victorian style sleeping chamber. After the battle the party returned to find Stogie was fully healed and resurrected. They made their way back to the bed chambers and found another chest with a gasping and bleeding Ayas with a cut across his neck similar to Stogie. Ayas was healed by the Cleric and they found the culprit had not left just yet. He sat there up in the dark corner of the room near the ceiling. The party shouted their warnings as he descended and disappeared before any conflict happened. The party was on edge and ever watchful for an invisible foe. They found in the pillow covers a small pouch and a black book that looked like a schedule planner.
The whole group left through the secret entrance Sig and friends came through. After resting a few steps away from the secret ladder entrance, the group made their way through a labyrinth of underground passages. Suddenly the earth began to shake. The tunnel began to skew and daylight could be seen as the path behind began to sink. The tunnel was tilting up and their only escape was to fly. Ayas wild shaped, Stogie cast his floating disk, and Xiamara enlarged herself and grabbed the dwarf and the elf as they were all trying to fly out before the earth around them dragged them down into the unknown. They flew dodging debris popping out in time to realize that the fault line of the cracked earth was indeed separating half of the elven city of Yeste’ Orn.
Summary to date 9
Then and Now
Upon being held captive and ushered in front of the druid counsel the party learns that Ayas’ previous mentor was once the head of the druid counsel. He appaerently disappeared and was never heard from again until today. Since then the council has been left with 6 members presiding over all matters within nature and druid society and with an even number of opinions and votes many decisions were left unanswered. Because Ayas was the pupil it automatically made him heir to his position. Although some voices of the counsel disagree they cannot deny tradition. Ayas must now face trials to prove worthy of the position. As of now the trials have yet to be decided. The party was given priority accomodations and special guest privelage as they stay in the druid city. As night fell stogie heads to the bar for a night cap. Xiamara plans to rescue the Gjinn working as a smithy ouside the front gates from a life of servitude and Ayas spends time communing with his fellow elves and learning more about his family and mysterious past.
Xiamara manages to free the Gjinn by means of destroying his magical prison hes bound to. He is now a magical ally. Ayas discovers a mysterious mansion believing the Stormwinds are curator to historcal documents that might answer his questions on the shereabouts of his family. Sadly a lone guard tells him that the lady of the house has not been home yet and perhaps should come tomorrow. Something insideous within the manor gives Ayas chills as he’s ushered out the door. The night is long but everyone rests in their respective chambers for the night and are awoken by a summons to the counsel.
Summary to date 8
Then and Now
The party teleported in front of an Inn. They seem to be on a dirt road leading to a great tall treeline a few miles away. There was a smithy, what looked like an exotic bath house and several horse drawn wagons rolling by on this road. The party was supposed to head toward the City of Yeste’ Orn. They asked around about the surroundings at the in and stable. Turns out the smithy was a Gjinn and a Mr. Ming owns all the establishments out in this area.
The party makes their way toward the forest where it appears the trees almost form a thick wall of wood grown trunk to trunk that doesn’t thin or separate until 50 feet up. The road ends at a large tree trunk about 30 feet wide and seems to tower above all the other barricading trees. Two elves in matching armor seem to be standing guard while another two inspect and guide carts to park in front of the tree. As the party arrives they speak to one of the guards. Ayas introduces himself to the guards and begins informing them of his background and qualifications as a druid. As soon as he mentions the name of her druid teacher the guards seize up and immediately sound an alert. In less than a minute there were 20 guards surrounding the party with curved blades out and more than 50 elves among the tree branches with arrows drawn and pointed at them. After an awkward moment of an elf of high rank barking at the group orders to lay down weapons and for explanations, a runner elf came and whispered into his ear. The guards were then ordered to stand down and a sharp whistle cut through the air. The Large tree began to uproot itself and stand up, moving to the side slightly to get off the road. Behind the tree could be seen a cobble stone road leading to a civilization bustling with activity. The wagons were ordered through except the ones not inspected and some wagons began to roll out.
The party had their gear confiscated and they were escorted into the city by 6 larger elves in heavy armor. They reached the foot of a large tree, dwarfing the one at the front gate by double its width. Two guards broke off from the formation as a platform lowered from above. On that platform were two larger than normal elves on each side of the platform next to cranks and pulleys. The lift began to ascend with the party and their guards. They saw why these elves were larger than normal as they watched them pull and crank on their ropes and pulleys simultaneously and seamlessly. After a few minutes of awkward silence watching balconies sink as they rose, they reached the upper most canopy of the tree where they stepped onto the balcony and were herded into a room. The party was met with a group of dark green robed figures. “Welcome to the Druid Counsel, student of One.”
Summary to date 7
Then and now
When Ayas, Xiamara, Stogie and the dwarven party arrive at Old Strongheim. They are greeted by the hustle and bustle of citizens in an underground marketplace. The Dwarves were escorted to the central tower where Bahar Raj and friends reside. Unfortunately no one could find Bajar Raj and Bolo. Under guidance of Darien and Jadyra the Dwarves negotiate where they plan on residing in the city and what they will contribute to this slowly growing underground city.
Xiamara has a few interactions with Timmy and Travis, two brothers who grew up on the streets. They spelunk the nearby caves and hesitantly after being caught report of nuggets of gold just littering certain cave passages and also people going missing. Stogie went shopping for more resources from the local shop keeps including Flim and Flame’s wagon and a small girl selling unique artifacts from a makeshift kiosk. Ayas distributes what wares and supplies he promised to deliver and then goes to visit Jadyra to share with her seeds and other exotic plants found from their last visit to Hammerlock. Ayas also inquires about druid business and the central continent. More supplies and support for the thriving city are asked of the party to bring back from the central continent. Ayas is drawn to the central continent in order to discover more of his druid lineage.
Before teleporting to the central continent courtesy of Jadyra’s memory and a teleportation scroll sold to them from Flim and Flame the party scrys the whereabouts of Bahar Raj and Bolo. From the reflection of the waters they scryed into they saw what looked like Bolo put to a kneeling position at the mercy of four tentacle faced mindflayers as if presenting a prisoner to an official. When all seemed hopeless and Bahar Raj nowhere to be seen, one mindflayer directly behind the Goliath quickly shunts both arms into the back of the neck of each of the mindflayers on the left and right of him. Each of their eyes roll back and they fall limp. The visage of the squid faced killer begins to flicker as the familiar smirk of spreads pointed ear to pointed ear of Bahar Raj’s face and with another quick motion he slashes behind the goliath somersaulting into the shadow. Bolo then springs from his manacles and lunges his boulder sized fists at the mindflayer in front of him in a quick blur. More mindflayers begin to flank Bolo from behind wielding bidents. Before they could even strike Bahar Raj lands on top of them successfully stabbing one in the maw and driving another blade into another’s eye. With this, Jadyra dismisses the scry spell. Jadyra explained to the party that the two probably grew restless and went searching for the missing people. She reassured that the party need not mind them and should head out to the Central Continent to gather resources, establish trade and bring back more livestock and crops.
Bidding Old Strongheim adieu the party of Xiamara, Stogie, Ayas and his riding Geko, Nix teleported out.
Summary To date 6
Then and Now
Our adventurers make their way through a long arduous treck through the dwarven mountain tunnels. With the additon of several dwarfs specialising in different trades and a horse drawn merchant wagon steadily leaving Hammerlock behind a whole new adventure awaits. Unfortunate for the merchant he should have to leave his horses and wagon or rather what was left of it after a purple worm encounter. The party on foot rested at the front entrance of the dwarven mountain preparing to rest and see the outside world once again. Xiamara on watch first watch heard the sound of digging and picking coming from the sealed entry way. The language of Orc and goblin mumblings could be heard on further inspection. Having dealt with the intruders the best way she knew how, she returned to wake Ayas for second watch. On second watch while the rest slept Ayas steadily patroled the parimeter wondering where his Geko friend might have scurried off to. Upon the end of the watch they found two dwarves have gone missing. With the help of animal companion Nix and his tracking abilities they were able to find an alternate exit in the form of a crack in the wall that lead them to a shack outside. Xiamara and Ayas were fleet of foot to track these two that strayed from the path. Stogie stayed with the remaining dwarves. There they discovered a dwarf clinging for dear life and the tracks of their betrayer. Orcs began to sweep the area and were justly dealt with by Xiamara and Ayas’ magic. The two party members discovered an orc Encampment nearby not more than a few hundred meters of the mountain enterance getting ready in battle formation. They quickly made their way back to the party and allowed Ayas to cast Wind Walk and Find the Path in order to quickly take flight and zoom back to Old Strongheim.
Summary to date 5
Then and Now
Our adventurers came up to the surface to retrieve the rest of the caravan. They are met with a troop of 4 warriors resembling the guards at Paloro City, the city they stole the everlasting fruit from. It seems that because of the recent death of Killians mother, the Cheiftess of Paloro, it is her duty to take up the throne in her stead. Killian and Kalista go calmly and return to their villiage. Immediately after they come to meet the rest of the caravan the red flaming wagon they seen before arrives again this time peddling more flammable wares. Bolo buys up their unfiltered alcohol and they strike a deal with Bahar Raj to begin selling them wares down below in the old kingdom. The gnomes also bring aboard a male elf Druid by the name of Ayas Ulle. Before embarking and guiding the villiage throught the underground another surprise drops by and stays. Jadyra Cathrix joins the group after a long flight from the central continent and tells all about her travels which holds the attention of new ally Ayas.
Upon cleaning up the ruins and rebuilding within a month there came time for the refugees to get assigned jobs and establish trade along with restocking supplies. With this in mind they take note of what the villagers need and take off to the dwarven kingdom once again to give them notice that the prince has fled and that the villagers are still in need. After a long and arduous way through the underground they end up in the dwarven rock quarry and in the dwarven kingdom. The party of Xiamara, Stogie, and Ayas continue to gather the supplies they requested as well as recruit new potential villiagers to help rebuild Strongheim. In his search for supplies Ayas befriends a large riding geko. They manage to find a group of retired military dwarfs that inhabit a bar every day that are unhappy with the way their government is enforcing things and want to leave. The Dwarven kingdom, since news of the green skin attacks, embargoed all trade with the outside but not of course before the kings guests arrived for his birthday. The party was extravagant but was perfect timing for some other adventurers to try to steal the kingdoms prized jewels. The king was warned of this by Xiamara and immediately set up security measures. The Dwarven King himself didn’t seem to care for the refugees of the human City. The King quickly dismissed Xiamara, but allowed her to take whoever and whatever supplies she needed for this one instance. She received a pardon and could walk freely in and out of the dwarven gates anytime. With one shopkeep , a Large riding Geko and several retired dwarves in tow the party made their way back to Old Strongheim.
Summary to date 4
Then and Now
Upon the defeat of Thrash, it has come to everyone’s knowledge that he was the informant or guide for the scouts when entering the cave to Old Strongheim, including how to find it. Draxion, The cleric, communed with the dead for Thrash to reveal to them the caves location and after they would let him rest. He did just that and was put to rest and given an honorable burial. The party then scouted down the long 4 day path back to the underground of Stongheim. Several underground encounters and a room full of living poisonous mushrooms later they made it to Old Stongheim where they saw it was since turned into a zombie necropolis. Evading the undead as best as they could, the party made it to the central tower, toppling and looting some dark cloaked beings along the way. Inside the tower with the help of some new found “invisibility to undead” potion they procured the party of Drax, Darien, Xiamara, Kilian and Kalista were able to bypass an ambush set up for them and make it to the final room of the necropolis tower where they were met with a giant gelatinous cube which they defeated promptly. Upon the Ooze’s defeat, there came a lone applause. There upon a throne appeared a devil clapping his hands in a patronizing fashion. He explained that the real necromancer had escaped when he heard there were adventurers approaching and if he had not shown cowardice then he would have easily slain you. The Devil smirked, “Too bad, I was looking for entertainment, but he’ll be found and punished for not facing you like he should have. Toodle-loo adventurers! Till next time.” and with that he disappeared in a gout of flame.
With the necromancy drawn out of the underground the heroes rest and return to the surface to escort the caravan of villagers down to resettle their lives in Old Strongheim.
Summary to date 3
Then and Now
When our adventurers finally settled down after seeing Xiamara’s long lost father they divulged to the party that they plan on moving the remaining citizens to the old ruins of Strongheim in order to seek refuge. Before they do that they needed to find enough supplies in order to feed a whole city for a few weeks. Killian and Kalista recalled that their Home Villages in the Fortaure Forest had an unending food source that helped rejuvenate their people of mind and body for the whole day with just one bite but how will they have the means to get these mythical fruits? Just then a waggon seemingly propelled by large cones gouting flames out the back rolled up in a cloud of smoke. The tarp shimmered red and the paint along the side board made it look like the wagon was on fire. “Welcome to Flim and Flames Magic Emporium!” a highpitched voice squealed as the canvas along the side rolled up and the side board opened as a gate and extended out to a stage. Two gnomes stand on the stage holding sparklers looking utterly ridiculous. They peddled their explosive magical wares and also sold two scrolls of greater teleport. Off the party went via magical teleportation. Just outside of the main tribal civilization of Paloro City, the party saw the mythical tree under watch. Killian for a split second prayed to Ehlonna for a way to bypass the village and grab the fruit safely. Just then a miracle occured and the whole village passed out. They nabbed the fruit and took care of unfinished business before teleporting out of the village and back to the caravan.
They began prepping the citizens for departure while they saw the royal fleet leave the Western Continent shores. The party has learned that the prince has fled to the Central Continent. Kilian, Kalista, Xiamara and Darien began their journey towards the east to find the secret entrance to the underground lost city of Old Strongheim. A few days later after some encounters with some drow thieves and a few body swapping demons they managed to set up camp and scout for the cave entrance. Xiamara stayed behind tending to the townsfolk while the party came across a cabin in the vicinity and broke in. A few moments later there came a half-orc with a sack over his shoulder. He dropped his sack and began swinging an overly large chain over his head. Killian, Kalista and Darien were caught off guard as this hulking orc began howling louder and louder outside the cabin. The rangers scrambled out and began trying to convince the half-orc not to take offense but to no avail. They were ordered to leave their bags at the door.
He began to step forward swinging his chain wildly until Darien shouted in contest to the Half-Orc, “Root!” To which the half-orc stopped swinging his chain and scoffed at him. “Root!” Darien demanded. The half-Orc then laughed and put his equipment down and stood in a strong stance with his arms crossed. Darian ran his shoulder directly into him head down with an almost perfect spear pushing him back 10 feet. The rest of the party watched in awe. After catching his breath Darien stood up in a sprawled stance as if expecting to catch something. The Half-Orc stepped back ten feet and ran at him full force so fast that he seemed to blur and stopped with fist held out sending Darian flying into the side of the cabin 40 feet from where he stood. The half-orc laughed and picked up his sack and chain as well as the parties bags before going into his cabin and locking the door. Darien laid there winded and unconscious with a huge fist sized dent in his chest.
Elsewhere a Gnome Sorcerer by the name of Stogie comes across a nearby village. He meets the locals and soon encounters a wagon of a strange shimmering metallic color. Two gnomes by the name Brick and Brack came tumbling forth peddling magical wares of a mechanical nature. Even their horses were mechanical. Stogie was wary of certain trinkets and only purchased a few things. A tall cloaked figure standing nearby was mesmerized by the mechanical horses. The figure saw the gnomes converse and sell their wares to another gnome. When their business was concluded the wagon rode off and the cloaked figure stood by and stared at Stogie. As Stogie began to wander off he was picked up and stuffed in a bag. When he came too again he was sore and in bed. A large lumbering half-orc stood there at the foot of the bed staring at him. As soon as stogie sat up out of bed he was immediately harassed by his captor. “YOU MAKE STEEL HORSEY FOR THRASH!” The half-orc yelled dumping an assortment of old metal armor pieces onto the floor. After a few hours of being browbeaten by Thrash and several failed attempts at explaining he is not an artificer, Stogie made a half decent attempt at stacking armor together to resemble a mechanical leg. It then fell apart and Stogie was severely beaten for not fulfilling Thrash’s request.
The next day Thrash, being more brawn then brain, threw him a vial of magical adhesive to help him build the horse. Instead Stogie broke the vial at Thrash’s feet and began pelting him with spell after spell until the Half-Orc died. Upon defeating his captor, Stogie then ran into Bahar Raj and the Rangers trying to reclaim their stolen goods. Stogie explained everything and decided to go along with the party since he had no specific place to go.

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