Bolo Barellhauler Manaka

A large grey hulking Goliath Monk, alcoholic


7’4, 235 lbs. Grey Skin, Male, Goliath Monk, Drunken Master style Martial Art. Likes Alcohol and roast boar.

Bolo lived a peasants life all his life. He never desired wealth and fortune. He just hoped one day he may enjoy an honest life’s work as an innkeeper/ bartender. The nomadic lifestyle of his fellow goliath brethren never suited his tastes and so he split off at a young age to see what life was like outside the traditions of his village. Since then he found odd jobs from town to town simply by bluntly asking any person he met if they needed help. Sometimes uncouth social skills would almost get him killed but most of the time it landed him a paying job that kept him fed. After years of wandering he found the perfect job working at a local Inn in the Eastern Continent.

The owner went by the name “Old Dang” and was a retired monk from the monastery nearby. Caught in a bar fight between rival martial art schools, Bolo fiercely tried to protect the bar and nearby patrons as best he could, but ended up getting severely injured in the process. Old Dang bandaged his wounds and magically cured Bolo by jabbing specific points on his body with just the tips of his fingers. Inspired by this magical treatment Bolo sought out training under the guidance of Old Dang. After a few years of training and working at the Inn Bolo earned the surname “Barrel Hauler” since he was never given a goliath surname before he left his village. It fit him since he cared for the Inn as if it were his own and he flourished in the art of Drunken Kung Fu.

One day Bolo encountered Bahar Raj Cathrix who was apparently on his way to assassinate the current prince of the ruling empire. Upon hearing this gossip Bolo thwarted Bahar Raj in hand to hand combat but rather than kill him knocked him out. He kept Bahar Raj captive in the wine cellar for three days, stripping him of his possessions, clasping dimensional anchor manacles to him and knocking him out whenever he attempted anything hostile or unknown. Bolo sat and fed him every day talking to him and keeping him company the whole time. Though Bahar Raj was a prisoner Bolo wasn’t treating him any worse than simply binding him and talking his ear off. On the third night Bolo got him drunk enough to swear off killing the prince and also swear to be his friend. Bahar Raj vowed to keep his word if it would grant him his freedom. Bolo untied him and took the dimensional anchor manacles back. With that Bahar Raj gathered his things and disappeared.

A few days later there was news that several assassins were killed in a failed assassination attempt. Through the underground network of gossip at a bar Bolo knew that it was a staged hit on the prince to thin out the ranks of the local thieves guild and also test out the security of a decoy prince along with several personal body guards. No more than a day later Bahar Raj came back to the bar and gave his thanks to Bolo.Bahar Raj would call upon Bolo several times when he needed a more non-lethal touch for the mission at hand. Most of all Bolo would never ask for a share of the reward for completing the missions as long as he had ale and could try out new kung fu then he was happy.

Bolo Barellhauler Manaka

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