Draxion Almerath

Holy Cleric of Pelor, Praise the Sun


5’11, 97 y/o, 160 lbs, white Hair, Stern look, Strong Jaw, Human, Praise Pelor.


Draxion Almerath grew up in a convent. He was raised the ways of Pelor since birth. in his home of Stongheim he lived to do mission work and praise Pelor for every day the sun rises and light drives back the darkness. He went on crusades in the name of Pelor around all of Reterria. After sixty years of countless crusades and service he was called upon by the god of the sun himself to settle and aid those back in Strongheim. It was his divine calling that he should be put into the kings service as religious advisor and head of the divine forces of strongheim. As soon as he reached Strongheim the Greenskin war began to wage on. Many years have passed and though Draxion was human he never seemed to grow weary of old age. He along with support from General Bahar Raj Kathrix, Bolo Manaka and High Druid Jadyra Kathrix were able to drive back the greenskin forces back into the depths they were spawned from and seal them away. Few green skins linger about but those are nothing compared the immense quantity that was sealed away. Draxion continued to live on in there service of the king and his heir who ruled the land for some time. As time drew forward Draxion began questioning his mortality and why he persisted to live on past his friends and companions. In a dream he was told that it was not his time yet and that he is required for one last mission. He took it as Pelor blessing him with an extended lifespan in order to fulfill his lords last request.

Draxion Almerath

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