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The Scourge of Greed

It only takes certain specific occurrences to trigger almost cataclysmic events, and like many legends that spout of doom and damnation of the realm this is no different. But before we go into that I have a query: Is it wrong to steal bread in order for you to feed your family? The act of stealing itself is wrong morally but could such a misdeed be forgiven for such a noble cause? Now what if it was just to feed yourself just so you can have the strength to forge for your family? What if it was just to feed yourself alone? Hmmm? now circumstances of these mundane “what if ’s” occur regularly for those unfortunate enough not to be born into money or those who just enjoy the thrill of unlawful acts. This sudden surge in acts of greed occurring all around the realm is what provoked the essence of greed itself to manifest into a physical form. Now that Greed is sentient and empowered by the greedy acts of all creatures it will stop at nothing to gain control of anything and everything within the known realms.

About Us

I am Joseph Silveira and I host a Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 edition campaign. I have created this story based on the seven deadly sins. I am the Dungeon Master. Within the party there is a Elven Druid with a divine calling played by Matty Estrada-Cain, a Janni War Mage who deplores all things evil and dishonorable played by Bobbi-Lee Torbert, a Gnome Sorcerer who contributes when it is requested played by Brett Kremnitz, and a human Warblade whose blade is as keen as his tactics played by Omar V.
Together this band of adventurers will see if they have what it takes to fight off The Scourge of Greed.

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